Inauguration of Postal Development and Expansion project

Thu, Apr 11 2019 10:24 AM

The country’s postal services have been “partially digitalized” as the offices of the Afghan Post, the national postal organization in Afghanistan, were connected to the fiber optic network through a one-year project. 
The first phase of postal services modernization and expansion project of $900,000 was inaugurated by telecommunication and Information minister and Afghan Post director. 
Based on the strategy of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology, the project for the modernization and expansion of postal services was successfully completed in 2019, and other phases will also be implemented through which the provincial offices will also be modernized. Through first phase of postal services modernization and expansion project postal services have undergone major changes as follows:
1- Modernization of 16 post offices in Kabul city in accordance with international standards and connecting it to fiber optics; 
2- Installation of parcel locker in central post offices;
3- Installation of digital boxes in central post office; and 
4- Designing Afghan Post headquarters and building track and trace centre. 
The post offices including central post office in Kabul, the capital city been connected to the fiber optic network and have been upgraded based on postal norms.
Afghan Post director added that the second phase of the modernization and expansion project of postal services will begin soon, which will include the modernization of twenty post offices, developing mobile apps, e-commerce, open space for office and a number of other postal innovations. 
Afghan Post provides universal postal services with over one century of background throughout the country. It provides postal collection and delivery services both domestically and universally through 463 post offices across the country.

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Thu, Sep 03 2020 12:16 PM
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The meeting of Ahmad Vahid Vais, the Afghan general head of the post with the boss. General of the National Office of Statistics and Information

Mr. Ahmad Vahid Vais, the general head of Afghan Post company met with Mr. Javid Rasooli, the general head of the National Statistics and Information Department, and Bahadur Hilali. . .

Thu, Sep 03 2020 8:53 AM
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Ahmad Vahid Weiss, the general head of Afghan Post company, met with Pamir Patang, the head of the Afghan National Fund.

In this meeting, Mr. Patang also visited and appreciated the recent progress in Afghan Post services, explained about the relief for the flooding of the country by the National Fund.

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