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We keep your trust as continuous with best quality of services and affordable prices. We always think about our customers’ satisfaction as well as their needs & demands with parallel to new global technological developments.

Mr.Ahmad Wahid Wais

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Thu, Sep 03 2020 12:16 PM
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The meeting of Ahmad Vahid Vais, the Afghan general head of the post with the boss. General of the National Office of Statistics and Information

Mr. Ahmad Vahid Vais, the general head of Afghan Post company met with Mr. Javid Rasooli, the general head of the National Statistics and Information Department, and Bahadur Hilali. . .

Thu, Sep 03 2020 8:53 AM
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Ahmad Vahid Weiss, the general head of Afghan Post company, met with Pamir Patang, the head of the Afghan National Fund.

In this meeting, Mr. Patang also visited and appreciated the recent progress in Afghan Post services, explained about the relief for the flooding of the country by the National Fund.

I. . .

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Afghan post company's senior head Mr. Ahmad Vahid Wais talked about obtaining and distribution services of the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the morning program of a TV magazine.

بازدید رئیس افغان پُست از جریان کار پروژه فضای باز افغان پُست

مراسم افتتاح تکت پُستی صدمین سالگرد استرداد استقلال افغانستان

Afghan Post 1919-2019

Celebrating Of World Post Day

Celebrating Of World Post Day in herat

صحبت ها با احمد وحید ویس رئیس افغان پست در رابطه به کارکردهایشان در افغان پست

Inauguration of Postal Development and Expansion project

Opening Afghan Post New Mark

Afghan Post Subscription at the Exhibition The postcards on the occasion of the celebration of the ninth day of the creation of the People's Republic of China

Fifty Afghani post tickect and one hundred Afghani memorabilia of Abourihan "Al-Biruni"

An international seminar was honored with personalities and recordings of Moh.Dawood khan darwazi

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Mon, Jul 08 2019 2:31 PM Ministry of communication & IT
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Procurement Of IT Equipment For Post Services

Invitation for Bids (IFB)

Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, (herein after referred as purchaser) now invites sealed bids from . . .