Signing Agreement Of Cooperation Between Afghan Post And New Kabul Bank

Sun, Mar 10 2019 5:54 PM
 افغان پُست و نوی کابل بانک

Afghan post and New Kabul Bank officials signed a memorandum of understanding on Sunday, March 10, 2019.

 According to the agreement, the Afghan Post will from now on transfer all packages, correspondences, parcels and check boxes of New Kabul Bank to its customers in all provinces of the country.

At the ceremony of signing the MoU Mr. Ahmad Vahid Wais chairman of the Afghan Post said that he is trying to sign such agreements with other private banks, which, on the one hand, would facilitate the growth of postal services, and, on the other hand, bank documents would be safely transferred.

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Thu, Sep 03 2020 12:16 PM
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The meeting of Ahmad Vahid Vais, the Afghan general head of the post with the boss. General of the National Office of Statistics and Information

Mr. Ahmad Vahid Vais, the general head of Afghan Post company met with Mr. Javid Rasooli, the general head of the National Statistics and Information Department, and Bahadur Hilali. . .

Thu, Sep 03 2020 8:53 AM
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Ahmad Vahid Weiss, the general head of Afghan Post company, met with Pamir Patang, the head of the Afghan National Fund.

In this meeting, Mr. Patang also visited and appreciated the recent progress in Afghan Post services, explained about the relief for the flooding of the country by the National Fund.

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